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The Prime Minister has said that everyone in the UK should now avoid non-essential travel and contact with others, therefore we will be suspending our Parish Council meetings until further notice. This will be for an undetermined period of time and will remain under review in line with our Local Councils advice. The Clerk and Councillors will remain in contact and continue to carry out works on behalf of the Parish where possible. Please contact the clerk with any concerns.

In line with Government Guidelines the Play Area in Birmingham Road is open for exercise only. The Play equipment and adult gym equipment are not to be used and have been taped off.

Local Facebook Page WLS Parish (Covid-19). 

We publicised a note asking for volunteers to come forward who were willing to support their neighbours during this time of crisis. We were overwhelmed by over 30 residents contacting the clerk and offering to help. We allocated neighbours to volunteers and they had the following note to update and distribute around the Parish. Please advise if you have not had one of these notes and need support.


                            If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19 I can help with:

                            Collecting shopping                   Posting Mail

                            A Friendly Phone Call                 Urgent Supplies

                            My name is ………………………………………………………………….

                            I live locally at ……………………………………………………………..

                           My Phone no. is …………………………………………………………..

                          Just call or text me and I’ll do my best to help you (for free)

 Government advice

The Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage is frequently updated as things develop, so please check it regularly at

Support for extremely vulnerable person – register on


Health advice for us all

We are in this together and we can all help limit the spread of COVID-19 by following the Government laws on social distancing, which mean:

  • Only leave the house in very limited circumstances - shopping for essentials, meeting urgent medical needs and taking part in one form of solo exercise per day.
  • Ensuring when you are out of the house that you maintain a distance of two metres from other people.
  • Take extra care if you are over 70 years of age, if you are pregnant or have underlying health conditions.
  • To find out more about social distancing visit: Government guidance on social distancing.  

To get the best advice about symptoms of COVID-19, how to prevent the spread, and who should stay at home, visit: . For the most up-to-date information about Covid-19 in Warwickshire, please visit the dedicated webpages:

Supporting our most vulnerable residents

As part of a county-wide effort to support the most vulnerable, Warwickshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service along with other services will be working to deliver care and food packages to those most in need. No direct contact will be made with residents, as this will be a knock-door service, and all staff will maintain the social distances advised, to ensure they can deliver an essential service to those who can’t get out. As well as delivering food and essential requirements, our staff will also ensure that resident are safe, well and managing ok.

New Adult Gym Equipment Arrives

The Big Lottery Fund have sponsored new adult gym equipment for the play area in Birmingham road.

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New Bus Timetable

Parish Buzz

Warwickshire County Council - Bus Timetable



Proposed Flightpath

On 23rd May 2019 Birmingham Airport moved from using ground-based radio beacons to satellite navigation.  This has resulted in a greater concentration of aircraft flying along the centre line of the flightpath that crosses over Nether Whitacre, Shustoke and Over Whitacre.  With the ground-based beacons, aircraft could fly anywhere within a 3km corridor whereas with the satellite system the aircraft are significantly more concentrated, flying 25m either side of the centre line.

Councillors and residents have met with airport representatives and intend to raise any concerns with the Civil Aviation Authority in May, when there is a review of the new system.  Residents of local parishes have been asked to contact the clerk with their views, responses will be collated and forwarded to the review panel. In light of recent coronavirus developments we assume this will be delayed.  Once back to normal we will continue to put pressure on them to revisit and revise this concentrated flightpath corridor. 

Defibrillator Fitted

We have secured the purchase of two defibrillators thanks to donations by WCC, Jaguar Land Rover, The Gate Riding Club and Nic Bevan of Oaklands on Tamworth Road. The Reddings Lane Kiosk has been cleaned and painted by the clerk and her husband Andy Woollaston.

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Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is becoming a huge problem in our area. Please call 01827 715341 or 101 if you see anything suspicious.  Also more information can be found on (click on North Warks area). 

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Nether Whitacre Emergency Plan

A copy of our emegency plan can now be found in the telehone kiosks on Station Road and Reddings Lane and in the village hall.  Details of the key holders for local buldings, Health contacts, emergency vehicle contacts and local tradesmen and suppliers are included.

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Pumping Station

The EA have now agreed to own, maintain and operate the pump for a period of 10 years subject to the receipt of the £32.2k of funds from the Defra Pathfinder fund which is currently held by the flood group.  An updated collobration agreement has been forwarded to the flood group for their agreement. 

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New Play Area Equipment

The Parish of Nether Whitacre had a fantastic day on Sunday 4th October celebrating the arrival of much needed toddler equipment in the play area, Birmingham Road, Whitacre Heath.  The Big Lottery fund awarded the parish council a grant of £10k which made it all possible.

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Regina Upton Retires

In October 2013 Regina Upton retired from being the clerk to Nether Whitacre Parish Council after 48 years of exemplory service.  To mark the occasion the Parish Council hosted a very enjoyable afternoon tea party in the Whitacre Heath Church Hall (Tin Hut).

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