On 23rd May 2019 Birmingham Airport moved from using ground-based radio beacons to satellite navigation.  This has resulted in a greater concentration of aircraft flying along the centre line of the flightpath that crosses over Nether Whitacre, Shustoke and Over Whitacre.  With the ground-based beacons, aircraft could fly anywhere within a 3km corridor whereas with the satellite system the aircraft are significantly more concentrated, flying 25m either side of the centre line.

Councillors and residents have met with airport representatives and intend to raise any concerns with the Civil Aviation Authority in May, when there is a review of the new system.  Residents of local parishes have been asked to contact the clerk with their views, responses will be collated and forwarded to the review panel. In light of recent coronavirus developments we assume this will be delayed.  Once back to normal we will continue to put pressure on them to revisit and revise this concentrated flightpath corridor.